Automated Rolling and Results

The automated rolling and displaying of easy to use results makes the life of an ARPG/RPG admin just that much easier. Without the need to and manually rolling, activities and more can be completed with the snap of a finger. The ease of use, public access, and reliable output means using one of these rollers not only increases productivity, but gives players a chance to "play" as well.

Each roller can be built to an individuals specifications and needs. Nothing is 'standard' aside from the pattern of rolling, and for every product that you recieve you will find it is vastly different compared to things created in the past. Each roller is custom built for you.

Click on the below options to see details about each type of roller offered.

If you are interested in discussing options, payments, or anything else, please contact me!

Activity RollersExperience CounterUtility Rollers

Activity Rollers

Activity rollers take the work out of bulk rolling, and often take the form of activities completed within a game such as hunting, fishing, questing, and more. They can be fully customized in terms of look, formatted output, and style. They can also be spun up quickly after the initial roller is created if multiple activities follow the same pattern of rolling, or if you need event rollers for multiple events.


Idea Examples

- Hunting rollers that take import information and parse out the name and link to the creature within the automated response.
- Questing rollers that randomize lore/story feedback for a more diverse and creative experience.
- Event rollers that automate 'choose your path' style rolls, to reduce time between entries for players.


Basic Package

One webroller of your choice for an activity of your choice

Optional html formatting for a live-ready code.

Support for bug fixes / changes within 6 months.

30 day completion estimate.

1 month free roller hosting.

$35.00 USD

Tier-Two Package

Basic package for TWO unique rollers.

Support for bug fixes / changes within 6 months.

Custom graphics and utilities

60 day completion estimate.

3 month free roller hosting.

$60.00 USD

Experience Counter

The experience counter is a useful tool for roleplaying groups that use art or literature based means to "level up" or increase in prestige. These java-based counters do the heavy lifting for you, quickly adding up a total based on the options you select while finally giving you a clean text based format to copy and paste when you are done. Standardized formatting means the legwork of manually adding totals and points becomes increasingly faster.

Basic Functions

- Formatted to allow players to quickly and easily calculate their own point totals and paste the results into their trackers. No mess.
- Can be customized in any way you choose, including look, style, and output.
- Easy to edit and make changes to in the event point values change.
- Reduces errors in experience counting by using a uniform output and guaranteed accuracy each time it is used.


Basic Package

Keep it simple! You recieve the code for the counter, and basic html so that it may be hosted immediatly and function. No custom css.

Support for bug fixes / changes within 6 months.

Up to 2 months of free hosting.

$25.00 USD

1-2 Week Completion
Advanced Package

Custom built code for the counter, with HTML formatting and CSS included.

Built for instant use, simply host the files on your site and they are fully functional (and look good!)

Provided support for hosting and setup after code completion.

Support for bug fixes / changes within 1 year.

Up to 6 months free hosting.

$65.00 USD

1-3 Week Completion

Misc Tools and Utilies

Sometimes the options don't fit exactly what you're after, and you need something more tailored to what you are trying to accomplish. Utility code and rollers can be many things, and generally encompass anything not listed above. Because of the nature of utility code and custom requests, the pricing is a bit more hands-on and variable. But, so is what you can do with it!

Examples of Utility Code

- Lineage checkers for breeding.
- Custom rolling for an unspecified activity above.
- Payout calculators for items, genos, or imports (such as adoption rewards, or selling items)
- Almost anything else you can think of!


Pricing is not set in stone for these types of commissions. It isn't fair to make someone after a simple roller pay the same base price as someone after a detailed and robust roller! As such, all custom code inquiries will come with an estimated quote, which can be discussed and altered before the project begins.


Depending on the level of detail in the request, a timeframe will be provided with the estimated pricing quote initially. There is no standard for these!


Sometimes I will recieve requests for things that I have never done before. Before I commit to such a project I will investigate, research, and create mockups. If the project is not something I am interested in, this will be stated up front before any discussion of payment takes place.