About The Designer/Artist

Born and raised in suburban Minnesota, I grew up with code and computers. My first language was html, followed by css, java, jquery, bootstrap, and more as I navigated my way through the tedium of public highschool. I chose to focus on these assets and networking when I delved into the college campus, and I've been hooked ever since.

My first foray into coding came in the form of back in the early 2000's. It fascinated me how people could take a generic looking page and turn it into something amazing with just a few lines of code, and I quickly sought out resources and what little tutorials existed at the time. I've come a long way since Neopets 2005, but I'll always trace my roots back to that special place.

Perhaps also due to my Neopets exposure, art always called to me as a form of relaxation and entertainment as a child. We didn't have all the consoles and gaming-rigs that around today, and I would spend hours doodling my favorite cartoon characters and animals to pass the time. Give me a pencil and some paper, and I would be happy for hours. Naturally as the digital age reared its head, my hobby similarly made the digital jump. I now do most of my work digitally, and none of the luster and enjoyment has worn off since! While it largely remains a hobby, "art-trades" and commision work are an occassional indulgence.

Along with coding and digital art, I supremely enjoy developing and telling stories. Whether that's through group-sanctioned roleplaying, or my own personal literature and comics. It's something I hope to improve upon and expand in the future. Whatever I'm working on at the moment can be found under "Projects" and "Current" in the site navigation.